Anybody who has visited my website more than once will be aware that updates are few and far between. I apologise for that, but I  find that the daily task of dealing with a pile of emails usually sends me seeking refuge in musical matters rather than developing my social media skills.

When I wrote those words. I hadn’t actually looked at the website for some time and I was really shocked to see that the last update had been four years ago. That old cliche about time seeming to fly by couldn’t  be more appropriate.

John Surman

A quick look around on the web showed me that there is plenty of historical detail about me on Wikipedia

In addition there are a huge selection of photos available, covering a pretty wide time span, elsewhere on the net, so I’m not sure that I can add much else to what appears to be a pretty comprehensive collection of information.

Anyway, thanks for checking out my website and I hope that you’ll find some useful information here.